Shalom Lamm - Published Writer and Real Estate Leader

About Shalom Lamm

A graduate of both Yeshiva University in New York City and the American Military University in Manassas, Virginia, Shalom Lamm holds both a bachelor of arts in philosophy and a master of arts in United States military history. Over the years, he has shared his insights on a wide variety of historical and political subjects as a published author. Specific written works by Shalom Lamm include “Purity Of Arms: A Critical Evaluation” in the Journal of International Security Affairs, and “How to Make Yeshiva Day School Tuition Affordable” on

In addition to serving as managing member of New York City’s Lion & Lamm Development from 1991 to 2000, Shalom Lamm has been a principal owner of all the businesses he has been affiliated with over the course of his thirty-year career. From his headquarters in the New York City area, he has acquired, financed, developed, rehabilitated, re-positioned, and sold roughly 9,800 apartments in five states. He has also constructed thousands of homes.